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Bo Kho Noodle Soup

Bo kho is a Vietnamese stewed beef dish complete with warm savory spices and paired with delicious chewy noodles.

Calories and Nutrition Info

510 Calories 34g Protein 19g Fat 54g Carbs

Let's take a look at the key ingredients: – Beef (I used chuck) – Egg Noodles – Root vegetables (Daikon and carrots) – Aromatics (Garlic, ginger, onion) – Tomato Paste

Saute the aromatics and beef to unlock flavor

Step 1

Add the root veggies and soup ingredients and let simmer

Step 2

Serve with egg noodles and enjoy your comforting noodle soup!

Step 3

Brown the beef before simmering for optimal flavor and to remove impurities

Tip #1

Adjust the final flavor of the soup with fish sauce and sugar to season to taste

Tip #2

Get the full recipe link below