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Is Butternut Squash Soup Healthy?

Butternut squash soup is a fan favorite in the winter months, consisting of delicious velvety butternut squash simmered with delicious aromatics. While it's super delicious, is the butternut squash soup healthy?

Butternut squash soup is usually not a very healthy dish given that it has a high amount of fats from the heavy cream and low protein content. However, with a few tweaks, we can make it lower in calories while still delicious.

Let's take a look at the key ingredients: – Squash – Dairy (Choose mindfully) – Broth – Aromatics – Butter (Omit this)

The aromatics and squash are low in calories and give the soup a delicious flavor

Step 1

Cook the vegetables with stock over stovetop or instant pot

Step 2

Blend to get a creamy texture without using heavy cream

Step 3

Following these steps makes a soup with only 290 calories vs. 600 calories

Calories and Nutrition Info

294 Calories 7 g Protein 6 g Fat 62g Carbs

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