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Healthy Chicken Pho Recipe

Pho can be a great weight loss dish given its high protein content, light yet flavorful soup, and usage of carbs which make it a well-balanced meal.

Calories and Nutrition Info

403 Calories 29 g Protein 11 g Fat 60 g Carbs

Prep Time:  15 min

Cook Time:  1 hour

Key Ingredients

– Rice noodles – Chicken – Cinnamon, Fennel, Star Anise,   Cloves – Ginger – Onion

Char the aromatics in a pan

Step 1

Make the stock

Step 2

Prepare the noodles

Step 3

Choose a lean protein  Chicken, lean cuts of beef, or seafood are the way to go. 

Fitsian Food Life

Tip #1

Fitsian Food Life

Shortcut for the broth Use a good quality store-bought chicken stock and steep the spices in it for about 5-10 minutes 

Fitsian Food Life

Tip #2

Fitsian Food Life

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