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Is Hot Pot Healthy?

Hot pot is not a healthy dish given the heavy usage of oil in its broths, the high-fat content of many hot pot ingredients and dipping sauces, and the difficulty in tracking portion sizes.

A single serving can be up to 1,600+ calories...

But with a few ingredient swaps, omissions, and mindful portioning, you can make hot pot healthy!

Pre-made soup broths have high oil content - make your own broth.

Tip #1

Mindfully portion the amount of red meat consumed, or opt for lean protein.

Tip #2

Bulk up on veggies, which are low-calorie and nutritious

Tip #3

Portion the amount of carbs consumed mindfully.

Tip #4

Opt for lower calorie dipping sauce options.

Tip #5

Fitsian Food Life

By making a few mindful tweaks..

Fitsian Food Life

... you can cut down the calorie content to ~500 calories per serving for a healthy and nutritious hot pot meal!

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